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Claudio Simonetti – Demons CD

 30th Anniversary Edition and definitive release of the iconic horror film soundtrack composed by Claudio Simonetti for Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava’s 1980′s gore classic Demons.

This soundtrack perfectly captures the growing tension created by the film as the main characters are transformed into demons, leading the way with the electro metal of Killing, the percussively cruel Demon, and the now classic cult hit Demon. 30 years later the music still shines with timeless quality thanks to the eclectic talent of composer Claudio Simonetti.

Contains The Soundtrack Plus Previously Unreleased Songs and 2 Video Clips! Special Digipack Case

1. Demon

2. Cruel Demon

3. Killing

4. Threat

5. The Evil One

6. Out of Time

7. Demon (Reprise)


9. Demon’s Lounge(Previously Unreleased Song)

8. Demon – Demo Version – 1985

9. Killing – Demo Version -1985

10. Demon – Demo played on Piano – 1985

11. Demon – Simonetti Horror Project version – 1990

13. Demon – Daemonia Live Version

Video Tracks

Demon Original Videoclip

Demon Tv Spot


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